About Kids Shop

About Our Charity Event

This event was a dream of Larissa Benson's, the Charity Founder and Brokerage Owner of RE/MAX Legends, for years, and in 2017, it all came together. This year we are thrilled to present our 5th annual event! This program was created to give back to foster and DFACS children in our community that do not have the means for the normal Back to School shopping most of us take for granted. Hand me downs and donations are all amazing. However, this is something different about picking out your OWN things. On the day of our event children in foster care arrive at our festive park setting. They are paired with a VIP personal shopper who will spend the morning with the child riding our hot air balloon, visiting our activity booths, and finally taking a ride in a limo over to Target with a $100 gift card to pick their own Back to School gear.

Whether you want to become a sponsor or volunteer, or just have questions about the charity, we are here to help! We look forward to hearing from you.

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